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Cellements Temporarily Closed For Business

We are sad to announce that Cellements is forced to temporarily shut down all business related activities due to our new software provider, Naxum, not being able to live up to their promise and deliver a functional platform - that was paid in full by Cellements.

In spite of extensive efforts on Cellements part, including; offering a full brief of feature requests, supplying all necessary information, raising early concerns, offers to help, and comprehensive bug tracking, all of the experts we consulted conclude that the we cannot continue pursuing this line any longer.

Especially since Naxum CEO, Ben Dixon, insist pursuing a line where they demand full monthly payments for non-functional software, or they will shut the software down.

Words cannot express how we feel at Cellements HQ.

We are in the midst of an global outbreak, with a product that stands head and shoulder above all regarding hand hygiene. Demand is at an all time high all over the globe. To top it off, we have unprecedented demand a home based business opportunity world wide.

All we need is a software that is functional and customer friendly. And we needed it yesterday.

All this was conveyed clearly to Ben Dixon, at Naxum, 2019. Promises were made. We paid in full. And we were lied to.

What went wrong!?

We started pursuing options for a new platform 2019. We decided through recommendations to choose Naxum, after they positively responded to all of our software demands.

Then it started.

As our partners know, everything was delayed. Again and again. For months and months. After delaying the final deadline with another 3 months, Naxum cleared for launch.

Hopes were high. We were exited. At first.

We expected some issues, but what followed at closer inspection was beyond absurd.

-Transactions didn't work.
-Autoships didn't work.
-Password recovery didn't work, so partners couldn't get access.
-Shop couldn't handle currencies.
-Shop couldn't track users accurately.
-Receipts didn't show the correct currency.
-There was no cohesive branding.
-Software email messages contain other brand names.

The list never ended.

Worst of all, when something was "fixed", the fix in the majority of cases only created new issues, because it still did not function or display as expected.

Even when we had fixed something - cleared a critical item - it returned only days later because it was non-functional again, causing new support tickets.

Cellements IT department reported the first 40 issues before we started tracking actual issues by number and grading them from Adjustments to Critical.

We have since reported over 60 tracked issues and still have 20 or so minor issues to go unreported, before we stopped. Every single link we clicked in the software generated multiple issues that needed to be fixed. There was no end to reporting and tracking errors.

We were still counting even after we hit three digit numbers, and we have not even tested the critical part of the system, the commission engine.

As you see, we cannot guarantee a solid foundation for our partners to build a business, and with Naxum having the nerve demanding full monthly payments for a non-functional platform (that is not even branded to Cellements), we are forced to shut the business down.

Our conclusion

The events up to here and situation that has risen is no surprise to Ben Dixon. We were always very clear with our software demands. He knew the state of the project and the dicrepancies between his promises and reality.

Us understanding the magnitude of the challenge, between the period August 2019 and July 2020, we gave Ben Dixon at Naxum, no less than five separate opportunities to bail out from the deal early.

He declined every single time. Meaning that this was a deliberate con.

Our clear assessment is:
- Ben Dixon, CEO Naxum has knowingly deceived Cellements and our partners.
- The team at Naxum is dysfunctional, unable to comprehend directives and deliver what is promised.
- The processes at Naxum do not follow any sensible project management principals.
- The programming procedures do not follow any recognized standards guaranteeing quality. Everything is coded page by page basis.
- The core values posted at Naxums site are complete fabrication to lure future customers into a false sense of security, supplemented by Ben Dixons constant bombardment of superlatives.

Here is the team responsible for the shut down: https://www.naxum.com/meet-the-team.php

Legal proceedings will follow.

What about the product orders?

A message to our customers with pending orders: All processed orders will be sent out to you on time, as promised.

For any claims regarding commission payments, registration fees and other refunds, contact support@cellements.com

Can we still buy the product?

Unfortunately not through Cellements - contact support@cellements.com for alternative suppliers.

What happens next?!

We understand that the demand for our products is higher than ever. We understand that many of you out there are looking for a home based business. We want to deliver just that.

But we need the software to support such an endeavor.

- We need something modern and customer friendly. We won't settle for anything less.
- We need something tested and fully functional out of the box.
- We need it up and running as quickly as possible. There is a pandemic and people need to build a second income - now.

We are looking for a solution that ticks all of those boxes.

If you are a software provider - please reach out to us at support@cellements.com


As of right we don't have any definitive answers. But rest assured, we are exploring every option.

What we know is the following..

1. Our product will not go away.
2. Home based business will not go away.

The rest of the story remains to be written.

To be continued....

Documentation to support our claims

We would love to go into detail on every error, but there is just too many to go through them individually.

Here is an image from our Trello error tracking system that we installed. Naxum did them continually in a tasklist without actual tracking numbers.

Our IT department letter to Naxum support 19th of August - no response given by Naxum

I understand that you guys are not programmers per se.. If you are, this should be self evident. I've been suspecting this beginner level programming mistake ever since I saw the solution and its been confirmed. We have to set a stop to this immediately or else the whole system will become a nightmare.

As evidence by the simple fix of changing the receipt information (currency, company, email, etc) creating no less that four new tickets -- it is clear that Naxum has a serious delivery problem that ends up in the customers lap - and since the platform is launched - in front of our partners. And that is unacceptable by every standard.

It is very clear that all of these "fixes" are programmed locally file per file - most definitely using procedural step-by-step programming. Almost certainly without properly commenting the code.

The consequence is that you will build us a nightmare solution where every change in anything will propagate throught the system and we have to go through every single line of code to fix the error.

To put it plainly... You fixed the currency to Euros on the receipts for European customers. But the email receipt function still sends it in USD. That tells me that all you are doing is tracking the amount as a number (after payment) and changing the currency in that particular file, based on the users home location. You did not think about adding that filter to the email receipts file. MEANING, that if I as a partner move or change my address to the US, all my receipts would change currency. Its works for now, but its a fix, not a solution.

Here are some other issue that no doubt will arise.

Example 1: Changing information. Let's say we want to change our support email. We would have to scan every single file and change that text string and make sure it works in the code. This is both annoying and difficult. As evidence by your difficulty to get rid of "CEL" to "CELLEMENTS"

Example 2: Logical errors. If there is a programmatical error, (and I'm sure there are plenty), any change to a single file may propagate through the system causing errors in other files, breaking the entire site. And in panic that would be "worked around" and code would be left there, until the next time something happens - creating a Frankensteins monster with special fixes all over the place until there's a conflict - and it becomes impossible to fix wihout building the whole thing again from scratch (This is what [EDITED OUT] has issues with).

I'm suspecting we are halfway there already.. And that is why I'm pulling the Fire Alarm right now. This has to STOP NOW.

Root cause of this whole mess is that Naxum employs these mercenary coders working on tickets solving each little issue one by one - ignoring every coding standard. They are just hacking away, ignoring future reprecussions, either by being under immense time pressure or probably because they get paid per ticket basis.

The fact is that one developer has no idea what the other one has done, so they can't use the same standard. That is why the data and the styling is typed into actual file vs imported from a central location.

This "quick fix", "just work around it", "it'll work" thinking needs to stop and it must change immediately.

Here is what we except and demand from the software you are providing

- Proper commenting within the code - it will be needed.
- Adding uniform classes and id tags to elements, so that any design changes apply sitewide, vs page by page basis.
- Importing all common datapoint to the page from a central config file instead of having it hardcoded within the files.
- Using object oriented coding principles on recurring functions whenever possible. This way, one bit of code does the same function for multiple locations. If it breaks or you need to upgrade, you update a single file - the class file.
- Having a class that handles currencies is an obvious place to start.
- Second is the VAT check, etc etc.

To do this.... You have to clean up every single file and import the necessary data and see where there are opportunities to use standarized lines of code.

To be clear... Shared functions is a start, but it is not what I'm talking about. It is not the same as object oriented coding. Relying on shared functions could be risky, because you never now which files and functions are actually using it and to what end.

We need to build a software solution where the effects of potential issues are isolated locally in classes and not propagated through the system.


The ONLY way for me to feel confident about this whole issue would be to see the file structure and contents of the files myself.

I'm not expecting perfection, not even average. I already know it's a mess. But we do want to be aware of the reality of the situation instead of worrying about stuff we don't know.

We can get a handle on this and eliminate future potential errors. We also be able to be confident in having a stable platform that makes future developments possible.

I'm already expecting the worst, so any good news proving me wrong would be welcome.

I need a response ASAP. Thank you.

Naxum offered no comment or real response to our concerns